Life Lessons From That ’70s Show

Out of all the sitcoms on Netflix, That 70’s Show takes the prize in my opinion. The gang, the burns, the nostalgia- it all makes the show timeless. And in between all of the joking around the gang does, we get to see them grow up together and learn meaningful lessons. So below, I compiled a list of some of the best takeaways from my favorite show. But here’s your warning: there are spoilers so read at your own risk (and be ready for all of the nostalgia you’re about to feel).

  • Be more zen-

In my opinion, Jackie and Hyde were meant to be together. I love watching the sweet moments they had together, even when it was just as friends. Hyde attempting to teach Jackie the art of zen is comical and meaningful. As a type A person, much like Jackie, I can sometimes have a hard time keeping my cool. And with Laurie constantly picking on Jackie and rubbing in the fact that Michael picked her, Jackie gives in and tries to fight back.

After her unsuccessful comebacks, Hyde gives her a few words of wisdom. “Jackie, that’s what she wants. She feeds on your anger, man. It only makes her stronger.”

Then he tells her, “If you really want to get under her skin, you have to be zen.” Jackie undergoes her zen training of blowing Laurie off and proves to be a good student. Even when she loses her cool again and kicks Laurie’s butt.

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  • You don’t always have to do what is expected of you-

When Eric skipped town on his and Donna’s wedding, I was upset with him. But I was honestly so relieved too.

Eric knew that he wasn’t ready to get married and that it would be a big mistake if they went through with getting married at such a young age. Is it okay to leave your partner hanging at the alter? No, absolutely not. There were so many other ways he could have avoided the situation. But in the end, he (sorta) did the right thing.

It wasn’t what people expected of him. Eric was the one who proposed to her. No one thought he would bail on Donna at the last minute.

In the end, though, it’s better that he did so that they were able to work on their relationship more. I mean the only thing worse than being left at the alter is entering into a marriage with someone who isn’t on the same page as you for a lot of things.

  • Don’t be a dumbass-

It’s literally that simple. Eric never seemed to understand that a lot of the bad things that happened to him was because he brought it upon himself. Like in season one when Laurie brought home a friend for Thanksgiving and Eric kissed her… and then wondered why Donna was so upset with him. Or in the first episode of season three when the gang gets busted for smoking in the basement and Eric tries to be noble and save Hyde from getting kicked out of the house because of it. So many problems could have been avoided. But if you are going to be a dumbass, at least maybe try to learn from the mistakes made.

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  • If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be-

Even after all that Eric and Donna have been through, she still wanted to see him when he returned home from Africa. She once again postponed her leaving for college just so that she could see him one last time. Maybe she thought this was for closure reasons but as Hyde and Mrs. Forman joked, she did in fact know that things weren’t over between the tow of them.

When they are finally together again Eric realizes all that he had given up for Africa. He tells Donna that at the time he decided he was going to leave, he was so sure that he was making the right decision. He apologizes for hurting her and tells her, “And it turns out Red was right. I am a dumbass.” It’s clear that they still have a lot of issues to work out and that is how things are to be left, but the kiss they shared gives me hope that they find their way back to each other. Jackie and Hyde were, in my opinion, the best couple on the show, but it wouldn’t be the same without the romance between Eric and Donna.

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  • Learn to laugh at yourself-

I truly don’t believe the show would be the same without Kelso yelling out ‘burn’ every two seconds. As the season’s progress the burns get better and better and more of the group starts to engage in them. The tradition becomes so apart of the group’s identity that in the last season Kelso tells the gang he has already started to teach his baby daughter Betsy how to yell it out. He also says something along the lines of how she isn’t very good at it and he burns her a lot more than she burns him. The point is, burning each other is all in good fun and allows the group to laugh at each other without taking it too seriously. Though sometimes they seem to go a little far, the gang knows how to laugh at themselves and knows that it’s all in good fun.

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What’s your favorite burn from That 70’s Show? Comment down below!

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