When Life Sends You A Rescue Dog: A Huge Transformation

The day after Halloween last year, my dad called my mom as he was on his way to work and told her that there was a tiny puppy in our neighbor’s yard. A puppy that none of us had ever seen before.

This puppy didn’t have a collar, was clearly starving, and had the biggest ears you’ve ever seen on a dog.

Peaking all of our interests, my mom went out a couple hours later and found herself looking into the eyes of a very scared and sad dog. She was so hungry you could see her ribs, but she wouldn’t let anyone go near her.

She spent several days under my neighbor’s boat in his yard, as my mom placed food and water in a bowl near her and waited for the dog to eat. She wouldn’t go towards the food until after my mom had walked away a safe distance. This went on for a while, and our neighbor was kind enough to let us camp out in his yard for a few days as me, my mom, and brother tried to catch her.

This was the first picture we got to take of Daisy. She was very skeptical and would sprint away every time I tried to get closer to her.

My dad was hesitant towards bringing another pet into the family. We already had our hands full with our senior Maltese, Skip, and our troublemaking black cat Bella.

But of course, as soon as he really got a chance to look at the lonely, helpless dog in the daylight, he wanted to rescue her too. By this point, the dog had shifted towards our yard and was living under my dad’s truck, because she had been watching where my mom had been bringing her the food from. It had been raining the past few nights and the puppy was cold out in the rain all by herself.

This sight broke my dad’s heart, so he built her a little bed elevated off the ground and put some towels all over it so that she would have something to snuggle up to. He placed her new bed under his truck so that she could have some cover from the rain, while my mom continued to feed her everyday.

My mom had set out a trap after a few days so that we could catch her since it was clear she wouldn’t let any of us grab her and pick her up. The first time she got into the cage, my neighbor cheered before my mom could catch her and the dog narrowly escaped. We were so close.

Feeling as though this dog was a gift from God, my mom prayed for Him to help her catch the puppy before she needed to leave town the next day. We were scared that she wouldn’t still be here by the time my mom had gotten back, and she had made the most progress with the dog.

But God heard her prayer, and helped us to welcome our new puppy to the family. The next day my mom caught her and was able to take her on her trip with her. This dog bonded with Skippy immediately because he would let her have all his food since she was so deprived before.

We had checked in our neighborhood and social media a few times to see if anyone had reported her missing, and were honestly relieved when no one did because it meant that we could keep her and give her a safe home.

By this point, we knew we needed to name her. I found a few we liked until we settled on Daisy.

Daisy’s close up! She is so much happier now that she has a forever family.

The first few months she was so shy and timid she never wanted to leave her cage except when right by Skippy’s side. But she is a completely new dog now.

Because Daisy was abandoned, and probably previously abused, she is different from regular dogs. She is always going to need more attention and work than others, but I know she’ll be worth it.

She has granted my family’s wish of having a pet that is affectionate, because even though she is half my size, Daisy sees no problem in being a lap dog.

She also has so, so much energy all the time and wants to play constantly. As of right now she is a little rough with us and Skip, so we hope once she is no longer a puppy she will settle down and be more gentle. We’ve nicknamed her ‘Crazy Daisy’ because one second she’ll be giving kisses and cuddling to the very next biting your hand or ear.

Daisy cuddles up to me on a lazy Sunday morning.

This dog is a lot of work, but we are grateful for the unexpected addition to our family.

When God sends you a gift, it’s important to keep your heart open to the possibility even if it isn’t what you originally thought it would be. We didn’t expect to get another dog, and we really didn’t think that it would be an energetic rescue puppy.

But God puts the people and pets in your life for a reason. Maybe Daisy came just because He knew we would take her in when others wouldn’t. Or maybe there’s a bigger reason we have yet to discover. God works in mysterious ways.

My puppy has grown so much over the last year, and I hope you enjoy her transformation process as much as I do!

Daisy is a big, happy, and energetic puppy now. We think she is going to turn one soon and is a mix between a terrier and an American bulldog!



2 thoughts on “When Life Sends You A Rescue Dog: A Huge Transformation

  1. This is a tearjerker! Thank you to you and your family for your patience with Daisy. And the love you give her! I love that Skippy sensed her needs and made her feel safe. We can learn so much from dogs, can’t we? I haven’t been able to find your name, but I love that the goal of this blog is to radiate and inspire. 🙂 Love and blessings to you!


    1. Thank you Trudy! My name is Alexis 🙂 I look forward to seeing what else you put out on your blog. Your sweet comment means a lot to me!

      Liked by 1 person

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